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Get to know me

" My name is Oussama Ben Guirat, I'm a young French undergraduated student in economics born on February 1st 1998 and I'm based in Paris, France. I attended, few years ago, to Lakanal High School in Sceaux, France, where I get the "Baccalauréat Assessment" and I'm currently attending to Paris-Sud University courses in Applied economics. Aside from studying at college, I work on many different freelance projects, and try to improve my knowledge in Computer Science, Machine and Deep Learning. "


" I don't have a lot of experience in the corporate world but I always try my best in the different things I start. In my life, I'm fully focused on my goals and interets. In my first years of high school, I developed an interest in Finance. At this age, I started to handle a stock market portfolio. Recently, I've managed a cryptoassets wallet. But I'm also a huge fan of computing, I'm self-taught in this field. According to me, one of my biggest skills is my versatility. Throughout the years, I had the chance to collect a lot of knowledge in many subjects. I'm able to work alone but in my opinion, computing and innovation is a team sport. "


My upcoming projects will appear in this section. Stay tuned...